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Country with 2 Presidents !! venezuela crisis ??

Country with 2 Presidents !! venezuela crisis ??

The worst economic crisis in Venezuela’s history,and among the worst in the world since 2014.The Venezuela crisis intensified under the Maduro government, growing more severe as a result of low oil prices in early 2015, and a drop in Venezuela’s oil production from lack of maintenance and investment.

venezuela crisis
venezuela crisis

The South American country was in news earlier this year because of its economic crisis. Yeah, we are chatting about Venezuela. From last year, Venezuela has been suffering from hyperinflation and refugee crisis. An oil rich country is unable to get its oil reserves because of lack of investment. Extraction of oil in Venezuela is such a big deal and not so easy as Saudi Arabia. The South American country has almost 0% private investment and 95% of its revenue come from the government company called PDVSA, the only hope. Venezuela is highly dependent on crude oil export and in January the rate of crude oil was 50$per barrel which does not suit Venezuela.

Mass gathering on venezuela crisis
Mass gathering on venezuela crisis

But we are not here to talk about the terrible economy of Venezuela. An English phrase ‘problems never come alone’ has become true in the context of Venezuela as U.S.A. is not happy with their pro Russia policy. U.S.A. was the biggest importer of Venezuelan crude oil and now U.S.A. is again playing a ban game with Venezuela. The official reason from America for not importing the oil is the president Nicolas Maduro is unable to control hyperinflation; power cuts and shortage of basic items and those causes have driven millions of people out of Venezuela. The international media is also speaking American words and Indian media is founding it out of their interest.

Who is the president? This would be an irregular question to ask in most countries, but in Venezuela many want to know exactly that as the government accused opposition leader Juan Guaido of trying to topple President Maduro.

The accusation came after Mr.Guaido – surrounded by a group of men in uniforms – called on the military to switch sides on 30 April. Tension had been mounting ever since 23 January, when Mr.Guaido declared himself acting president and said he would assume the powers of the executive branch from there onwards. Not surprisingly, President Maduro did not take kindly to his rival’s move, which he condemned as a ploy by the US to oust him. He also said that he was the constitutional president and would remain so.


Why is the presidency disputed?

Nicolas Maduro was first elected in April 2013 after the death of his socialist mentor and predecessor in office, Hudo Chavez. At the time, he won by a thin margin of 1.6 percentage points. Mr. Maduro was re-elected to a second six-year term in highly controversial elections in May 2018, which most opposition parties boycotted.

Juan Guaido?

Juan Guaido
Juan Guaido

Citing articles 233 and 333 of Venezuela’s constitution, the legislature says that in such cases, the head of the National Assembly takes over the acting president.

That is why Mr. Guaido declared himself acting president on 23 January. Since then, he has been organizing mass protests and calling on the military to switch allegiance. But the question is has Mr. Guaido all the resources and public support to try to unseat the current President or someone is playing behind the curtain. The main concern is more than 50 countries have recognized Mr. Guaido as the legitimate president, among them the US and many nations in Latin America. But Russia and China among others have stood by President Maduro. Within Venezuela, those opposed to the government celebrated Mr. Guaido move, while government officials said they would defend the president from “imperialist threats”.

US concern is there were reports that Russia is about to set up military base on Venezuelan Island in Caribbean. And if it happed the half of US will come in the range of Russian nuclear missiles. That is why Trump and his friends do not want Mr. Maduro president anymore and Russia has said if America will try to replace the president or if US will deploy force than Russia will be ready to oppose them. Russia’s concern is they have already invested a lot of $ in Venezuela’s economy and now it’s Venezuela’s turn to pay the favor back and if pro US president will replace Maduro, The chances for Russia will reduce.


Indian Interest?  


Venezuela is the fourth biggest oil exporter to India and covers the 8% of our energy needs. So in case of instability, India could have a cheap deal but in short terms may be a year or 2.

So what you think is there any proxy war going to happen in south American country and what will happen if it does? Please comment  us your valuable opinions it really means a lot to us.

Akhil Pratap Singh


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